Monday, March 2, 2009

Srilankan Cricket Players under the terror attacks

We say Lets Make Peace but let me ask HOW!! Attack after attack. Yesterday if its Mumbai, today its Srilanka. This time its the Lankan Cricket Team who are targeted in the terror attack in Lahore. Shooting reported near Lahore . Gunman tried to enter the premises of the Gaddafi Stadium. Terrorist were carrying rocket launchers, grenades. They were wearing masks, have come in white color car and bikes. NDTV and Times Now reports Several Team Members were shot and injured where 6 cricketers have been injured and 2 moved to hospital and attacked in the shootout this morning. Reports state that Mahela jayawardhene and kumara sangakkara have minor injuries. Sangakkara has been shot on the shoulders. 5 policemen killed. cavalcade of lankan team targeted. Sources said Chaminda Vaas, Taranga paranavitana, Samaraweera and Ajantha Mendis also to be injured.Samaraweera shot in the chest. Srilankan Cricketer including Muralitharan safe. Srilankan Cricketers were injured in the chest and leg. Governor of Punjab has promised to capture or kill the terrorist and will take Srilankan Team out of the country by a helicopter. He has also declared officially that 'All the cricketers are safe'. Though they have suffered minor injuries but none is critical at the moment. He also admits that it was a sophisticated and well trained attack. This is a planned attack. 12 militants opened up fire while players were in the bus on their way to the stadium on the 3rd day of Srilanka -Pakistan Test Match. Several loud explosions have been heard from the area of encounter.The Match has been called off after the attack. Police has cordoned off the area. Van carrying the umpires were also attacked.4th umpire Ahsan Raza also injured.An eye witness said that terrorist were around 20-25 yrs old. Allegations are coming that the same set of people who attacked Mumbai are responsible for Lankan attack in Lahore also.

This has seriously affected the International Cricket. Already Pakistan was a big NO No for playing cricket. Recently India and earlier West Indies pulled out to play in Pakistan and now am sure nobody will turn back.But Hats off to srilanka for coming up and showing its solidarity and see this is the result of it!! If India wouldn't have refused to play in Pakistan, who knows it would have been the Indian Players instead of the Lankans. This should be the end of cricket in Pakistan at least for quite a few months.

What more does Pakistan have to justify about its image to the world. As its rightly said what more will a beggar have to lose. Pakistan has lost his credibility because of its aggressive attitude that it keeps on putting in front to the world. How long will Pakistan defend itself. This clearly reflects their weakness. STOP THE BLAME GAME!! When will Pakistan understand that innocent are becoming victims. i want to ask how much is the zardari government in control and who will answer for all this? Pakistan is facing a serious security issue. Lahore is a heart of the political and cultural center and its sad to say that there is no security for such places. This is not the first time but several times Pakistan has remained a testimony for such crimes.

Now we are a left with a big question ARE WE SAFE?? Pakistan has promised for 100% security to the players. Why is that the buses weren't bullet proof. Will the same kind of protection be given to our players during World Cup also? 2011 world cup now will have to be looked over.

What do you thing..Has Pakistan become an International Headache. Cast your vote below