Sunday, May 20, 2007

Things I Wish I Would Be More Serious About

Nobody is perfect, even-though we strive hard to be, or do we? Below listed are things that I wish I would have been more serious about. Well, maybe if not "serious" but "committed to" or "dutiful" to do on a daily basis.

Following is a list that comes to the top of my head as I write this:

1) Promising myself daily that i will have Quite time (Quite time doesn't mean that i will keep my mouth shut and let the whole world talk. Its a time spent with God or meditation) and Bible study regularly ( though i do it ) but I still feel guilty about not doing much more than that.
2) Eating the right things, I am getting older and I know I should start taking better care of myself.
3) Playing sports harder than I do, I am lazy but I do play well.
4) Brushing my teeth better than before, things are fine, but I should strive to be better. I always get compliments for having teeth so white
5) Being more patient with people. I am known to do things before time and very quickly and thus I have very less patience. Sometimes that is well transparent to others.
6) Going for prayers ( Power of Prayer)
7) I feel i blog toooo less (hehe...this is my 3rd blog in 2 weeks). Check out for more at Chronicles

I am sure there are more, will update as it comes to my mind.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just Nuke It.....

While catching up on my reading, i came across this interesting article on where scientists claim to have invented a machine that gives you 8 hour sleep in just 3 hours. By using a technique called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, scientists can activate slow waves like the ones your brain gives off when you are in your deepest sleep.

"The TMS device transmits magnetic signals which are harmless through the scalp and skull into the brain where it induces electrical impulses."

So is this a good or a bad idea? Let's analyze the pros and cons together.

Pro: You will not have anymore sleepless nights.
Con: No more excuses of "sleepless night"

Pro: Superb for making sure your buddy doesn't wake up till your face painting is over
Con: I'm usually the victim...lolzzz..

Pro: More time to do stuff.
Con: More time to feel bad about how much more i have to finish.

Am really confused after reading this. It's like sticking ingredients in the microwave and getting a tasty treat in a matter of minutes. Only difference is that instead of food, it's your brain! Do you think this technology will prove to be advantageous to humans. Help me...Cast your votes and let me know

Monday, May 14, 2007

Brown Men dont Smile!!

I did it again! I claimed another victim. While walking in the park ( India Gate...i was out for a picnic with my church friends) the other day I met another Indian guy and he looked at me in disbelief. I didn’t do anything outlandish but i swear he was grotesquely strange . I smiled at him out of the way..dint know why?? He must have concluded I was an Indian mutant with extra face muscles enabling me to exert a smile. But the weirdest of all was when he turned to look at me and said so impolitely Kya Hai !!! I actually have learnt that smiling at other Indians is a strict no-no. We don’t smile at each other. I never understood why we approach each other with caution. Here is the Must-do list in case you meet the same guy...

a) Under no circumstances make an eye contact. Pretend he is transparent and look through him.
b) In the unthinkable event that you actually made eye contact, give him the “are you trying to steal my job” look.
c) If the other guy stretches his lips into an expression unknown to you, look at him as if he were an alien.

But i should say out of all i won of being a schtick.