Thursday, July 2, 2009


There are certain foods that seemingly gets the approval of all age brackets. Pizza is a gimme, so do Chocolates. Hardly a person would turn down ice-creams or Fried Chicken. But Ah-Ha...Hold on. Are you sure what you eat makes sense. Being a foodie myself, i most-of-the-times purposely ignore the facts of HEALTHY EATING. I was very picky as a child but now turning out to be an avid food lover. I daily promise myself to make a gourmet but for me the idea of Healthy and tasty Food had always been Fried food to adding lots of masalas. I must confess it is tasty not healthy. Am sure you will also think after so many years of eating, you have become veterans on munching down on food by now. But Excuse me...let me correct you, i traveled with the same myth till i was smitten by these facts. Following are some useful DID YOU KNOWS??? most of it all of you might know

1) If you are a person who eats three times a day and think you are eating right and optimum, you are WRONG! Eating 3 times is just the right way to feed your body. Unlike a car, we cannot fuel(food) our tank (stomach) till it is full, it requires a constant and steady intake of vitamins and other essential nutrients. Our 3 square meals needs to be divided into 6 meals taken within an interval of 2-3 hrs. Hey people (esp girlie you know this is the secret of the french woman remaining so slim).6 times a day doesn't mean you have the freedom to chomp down all fried, fatty food but have to include all the right nutrients.

2) Savour each bite. An average meal should be completed in around 20 mins. There are people whom you hardly notice on the dinner table. They get over with the business in few mins. They consider eating as a job that has to be done religiously. You must enjoy every bite , chew slowly to make the meal to last longer so as to give the stomach the time to digest the food and give brain the signal of FULL STOMACH. You must eat in the best plates you have. Infact no watching TV's. It distracts and also No CHIT CHATS. That's the reason it is said we should not talk while we eat.

As i write this i remember this funny incident that happened during the time of my wedding reception. My wedding was in Kerala . After the wedding sometime is given for the bride to change while the guest have to wait for the couple to join the reception. But there is no waiting business in marriages in Kerala. Food is already set on the table, though the party kicks off after the couple enters. To my surprise and horror before we entered people had finished their first round of eating and were asking for the second serve. By the time we were welcomed, the second serve was over and somebody was asked to pray for the food. As the prayer got over and we opened our eyes, me and my husband couldn't control our smile to see that half of the crowd were over with their eating and left their places ( No offense sure all malayalees will agree to what i said if they have experienced Kerala weddings) I was just wondering when will people learn to enjoy eating, am sure their brain never signals them.

But who is to blame? In a way we can say Wrong eating habits are caused by the ignorance from other people influencing on you.

3) Studies showed some horrible results. At Home, dining in kitchen is a natural place but it ends up as vulnerable area mostly a place where you find the access to excessive eating. Many people eat their breakfast in office, rushed up lunches, followed by snacks, gulping down cups after cups of tea and coffee. study shows that if office is closer to food counter, people eat more. It is said woman eat more when they are at restaurants than at home.

Other day i was reading my emails where i found this awful and astonishing news about KFC. My instant reaction was nothing than to puke. I later felt bad to think i will have to start avoiding KFC...Cant we do anything about this?? ( shouting.......i cant miss my zingers. Whoever knows me, know how much i luuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrvvv KFC)

Kentucky Fried Chicken
has become KFC. Does anybody know why? We thought the real reason was because of the "FRIED" food issue. It's not. The reason why they call it KFC is because they can not use the word chicken anymore. Why? KFC does not use real chickens. They actually use genetically manipulated organisms. These so called "chickens" are kept alive by tubes inserted into their bodies to pump blood and nutrients throughout their structure. They have no beaks, no feathers, and no feet. Their bone structure is dramatically shrunk to get more meat out of them...Click to read the complete KFC story (Source=Internet)

As obesity is increasing rapidly, good dining habits with regular exercise are very important. Wrong Food habits is nothing but a SUICIDE

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